NGO Advisor is calling all NPO’s, NPC’s and NPT’s to apply for funding and/or other resources gifts for their Non Profit Organaisation. Every organisation will receive either funds and/or a resource.


Access to funding is difficult. Show and market your organisation on this platform!​



Inspired by the thousands of NPO’s doing great work in South Africa, NGO-Advisor aims to respond to the needs of the NPO sector as well as the needs of the donor sector. NGO Advisor offers a platform where NPO’s can showcase their work and funding compliance to anyone researching SA NPO’s.

Registering with NGO Advisor means that NPO’s have the opportunity to showcase their organisation on this unique platform

NGO Advisor verifies that the NPO has submitted the requested documents and has allocated the rating accordingly

NPO’s registered with NGO Advisor can view the donor funding portal to view donor calls for proposals, grants, awards, prizes and other opportunities

NGO Advisor will provide your organisation with a rating against the documents submitted. The maximum rating you can receive is 10. 

View List of Documents for Submission

Our goal is to provide opportunities for compliant NPO's to be found through this website

Compliant and rated NPO’s have a greater probability of accessing funding

NGO Advisor has been endorsed by the Department of Social Development. Click HERE to read the endorsement letter.


It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela



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NGO Advisor Subscription

R 350

Per Year


Annual Subscribtion to NGO Advisor

You receive access to a weekly updated list of donors

Your organisation is listed on our website for all to view your organisation's details and compliance rating

Your organisation will receive an independently verified funding compliance certificate

We assist you with the policies you dont have 

NGO Advisor NPO Startup Guide

R 450

Once-off Cost


A Printed Copy of the NPO Guide

Shipping Included (Fastway Courier Service)

All the practical information you need in one place, written for all South Africans, in plain English

The guide is aimed at those wishing to start a non profit organisation/for those who have recently started a non profit organisaiton

NGO Advisor Website Design & Hosting

R 1500

R 800 Annual Hosting fee thereafter

*For this service you need to subscribe

to NGO Advisor


5 Page Website

5 Email Accounts

4 Modern website templates to choose from

Domain Registration Included (.co.za or .org.za)

Free SSL certificate

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

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R 2300

R 1150 Annual fee thereafter


Annual Subscribtion to NGO Advisor

A Printed Copy of the NPO Startup Guide

Website Design & Hosting


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For less than a R1 per day, your rated organisation will be marketed across the world.

What does NGO Advisor do for you?


NGO Advisor will provide your organisation with a rating against the documents submitted. The maximum rating you can receive is 10. 

(Click here to view list of documents for submission)


Your organisation will receive a certificate stating the rating achieved.  This certificate can be displayed in your office and can also be attached to funding applications for maximum effect.

Signed Up

Once your organisation has signed up and submitted documents, a rating will be given according to the documents submitted.   Your organisation will then be listed on the NGO Advisor website.  Only rated NGO’s who are listed on the site will be marketed to donors, not just in South Africa but world-wide. Stand out from the millions, BE SEEN!

NPO Platform

This is a quality platform specifically designed for the NGO sector to market themselves to donors. NGO’s can proudly show off their transparency to many potential donors.

Donor Platform

Donors who register on our free donor platform will be able to view additional details of NPO's registered with NGO Advisor.

(Click here to Sign-up as a Donor)


For an annual fee of R350 (less than R1 per day) your NPO has the potential to be viewed and researched by many donors, agencies, corporates and individuals seeking worthy causes to fund.  Your NPO will also be able to search for funding proposals relevant to your sector of operation.


All documents submitted from NPO’s to NGO Advisor will be confidential. No documents will be shared to any 3rd party.


Should you require any assistance with your documentation please contact us. We can assist your organisation to reach a higher rating.

Funding Portal

NGO Advisor will forward a comprehensive list of Funding Opportunities to all signed up NPO’s on an ongoing basis.  Only signed up NPO’s will be eligible to access the donor funding portal.

NPO Information

NPO basic information is available for all to view. Additional detailed information is only available to registered donors.

(Click here to view)

See and be Seen!

Statistical information about the status of NPO's in South Africa

Non Compliant NPO's
NPO's Still to Complete Report
Combined Non Compliant NPO's and Outstanding Reports
Compliant NPO's

*Statistics supplied by Department of Social Development – February 2018

What to do? How to stand out from thousands of NPO's and show fundraising compliance

Step 2


After completing the Sign-up Form and payment of R350, a Rating Form will be issued for completion



Step 3


Complete Rating Form, attach documents to form and submit online

Step 4


Submitted documents will be assessed

Step 5


A rating will be giving according to the documents received and assessed

Step 6


A Certificate of Compliance will be issued detailing the Star Rating received