NGO Advisor is registered as a Non Profit Organisation: 223-593 NPO

To provide an effective service and information sharing platform to all registered NPO’s and to the International and local Donor Sector. 

We provide a marketing platform for star rated NGO’s.

Vision Statement

Inspired by the thousands of NPO’s doing great work in South Africa, NGO-Advisor aims to respond to the needs of the NPO sector, but also the DONOR sector. We aim, in this way, to empower the NPO’s by offering them a platform where their achievements can be viewed by Donors. We also provide a much needed service to the Donors, locally and internationally, to locate worthy South African NPO’s.

We specifically aim to connect the donor with individual NPO’s. Our goal is to provide opportunities for both parties to find and be found through this website. We regularly reflect on the changing situation of the NPO sector and the DONOR sector and strive to be constantly effective for both the NPO and the DONOR.  

A Marketing platform unique for the NGO Sector

Do you want to stand out from thousands of NPO’s? 

(Over 10 million NGO’s worldwide and 208 000 South African NGO’s)

Access to funding is difficult.

Show and market your organisation on this platform!

What does registering with NGO Advisor mean?

  • Registering with NGO Advisor means you get an opportunity to market your NPO to the Donors of the world on this unique marketing platform.
  • Registering on this site is KEY to show that your organisation means business! It is important to show off your star rating by being transparent, which will give your charity a better opportunity to access funding.
  • NGO Advisor verifies that the NPO has submitted the requested documents and allocates a star rating accordingly.
  • Once you are registered for less than R1 per day, NGO Advisor promotes all the star rated NGO’s to thousands of Donors, Foundations, CSI departments and the public.

Statistical information about the status of NPO's (charities) in South Africa

(Information supplied by Dept of Social Development, February 2018)




So what must I do? How do I show my compliance?

Stand out from the rest!

Show your compliance and transparency to donors by receiving a Star Rated Gold, Silver or Bronze Certificate.  Be proud that your organisation has the main compliance documents in place.  This will assist you when applying for funding.

What does NGOAdvisor.co.za do for you?

When you provide us with proof of the various documents (see list above), we will provide your organisation with a star rating.  The maximum stars you can receive is 10 stars.

You will also receive a certificate  which you can display in your office and you can also use this certificate as an attachment to your applications for maximum effect.

Once you have signed up, and submitted your documents, a star rating is given, and you will be placed on the NGO Advisor website.  All star rated NGO’s who are on the site, will be marketed to thousands of donors not just in South Africa but world-wide.   Stand out from the millions, and be seen! 

This is a unique platform specifically designed for the NGO sector to market themselves.  This is the first time ever where NGO’s can show off their ratings to thousands of potential donors.


For a marketing and administration fee of R350 annually, (less than R1 per day)  your NPO has the potential to be viewed and researched by thousands of donors, agencies, corporate and individuals seeking worthy causes to fund.  


Your Organisation’s submitted documents are confidential and are not shared with the public.  Your star rating can be viewed on our website, but not your actual documentation.  If a donor wishes to see your documents, they will need to contact you directly.


Should you require any further assistance with your compliance documentation please contact us:  We can help your organisation reach a higher compliance rating.

See and be Seen!



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