30,4 million South Africans living in poverty

According to new data released by Stats SA, poverty is on the rise in South Africa. The latest “Poverty Trends in South Africa” report shows that, despite the general decline in poverty between 2006 and 2011, poverty levels in South Africa rose in 2015. More than half of South Africans were poor in 2015, with the poverty headcount increasing to 55,5% from a series low of 53,2% in 2011. The figures are calculated using the upper-bound poverty line (UBPL) of R992 per person per month (pppm) in 2015 prices. This translates into over 30,4 million South Africans living in poverty in 2015.

With such growing poverty numbers, more and more NGO’s are being established (94 000 in South Africa) . It important for you to know, that you are selecting a well-run NGO before donating. You want to know that the charity you are sponsoring, uses the bulk of their donations (85%) towards the beneficiaries intended. *(a 10% – 15% administration cost is a standard and acceptable overhead cost to run an organisation). You want to know from a birds eye view and a quick website check, that your chosen NGO is effective, efficient and a well-run organisation. You want to know that the money you are donating provides the best services.

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