About Us

NGO Advisor is registered as a Non Profit Organisation: 223-593 NPO.  

All 208 000 registered NGO’s will be listed free of charge. (Being registered does not mean being Standard Funding Compliant.) NGO’s wishing to obtain a star rating must supply NGO Advisor with a list of the required Fundraising compliant documents for compliance and pay a R35 per month administration fee. NGO’s will then receive a star rating according to the documents received and compliance rated.

Donors searching for effective NGO’s to fund can do a pre-check on this website prior to making a donation, ensuring that their money is going to a well-run organisation. NGO’s with high ranking stars, will then stand out from those with low ranking stars. Low star ranking NGO’s can request assistance from NGO Advisor to advise them on obtaining the correct documentation to become compliant.

This is how a NGO is star rated.