About Us

NGO Advisor is registered as a Non Profit Organisation: 223-593 NPO.  

NGO’s wishing to be marketed to thousands of donors are advised to register and upload and supply us with a list of documents.  The more documents and information you submit, the more the donor will look at you as being an investable organisation. To be listed on our Directory, an annual subscription fee of R350 per year provides a  marketing platform for your organisation.  This is to cover our NGO administration costs and support services.  For less than R1 per day, you have the potential to be viewed by 1000’s of donors and supporters.

NGO’s who have signed up will be hosted on our directory and listed on the website.  Once you have been listed on the NGO Advisor website, we will market your organisation to thousands of Donors, Foundations,  CSI departments and the public.  We have a huge database of donors, and your organisation and information will be shared with thousands of donors.

For less than a R1 per day, your organisation will be marketed across the world.

With over 10 million NGO’s worldwide and 208 000 South African registered NGO’s the competition for funding is enormous.  Stand out and show who you are!  See and be seen.

Donors searching for effective NGO’s to fund can do a pre-check on this website prior to making a donation, ensuring that their money is going to a registered transparent organisation. 

These are the main documents, donors would to see.  If you do not have  these, contact us, and let us assist you to obtain them.  The more you can show the donor, the more favorable you will be seen and be funded.