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Fundraising News

Friday, 20 April 2018, 8:30 – 14:00, at the CDRA Centre, 52-54 Francis Street,
Woodstock, Cape Town

The CDRA is delighted to host the presenter, Dr Peter Westoby, Associate Professor of
Social Science and Community Development, School of Public Health & Social Work,
Queensland University of Technology, Australia. We are happy to have managed to
secure Peter again after cancellation last December due to him being ill.
Community Development is practiced in many parts of the world and is used by many
civil society leaders and practitioners when engaging with those who are experiencing
marginalisation of various kinds (political, social, economic, cultural, and so forth). This
workshop will enter into a learning dialogue, offering ‘structural community
development’ within four key levels of practice: the micro level, the mezzo level, the
macro level and the meta level.

100 000 NGO’s in South Africa are facing funding problems!
How can we solve this problem, and how can we improve our chances?

This workshop is intended as a lead-up to a more substantive 3-day course that CDRA
will be hosting in collaboration with Peter from 8-10th October, 2018. It will introduce
participants, through interactive and case study sessions, to the practice of community
development. Attendance of this workshop is however not a requirement for entry into
the course.

Learning the practice of community development requires familiarity with a number of
concepts such as: the value and theory base of the work, the steps of the method,
issues of moving a private concern to public action, nurturing community analysis the
organisation of the community, and the structure of the community organisation from which the work takes place.

Please note that the workshop starts at 8.30am with coffee and participants will be
offered a brunch around mid-morning, for which we ask a donation of R60. The Seminar
proper starts at 9.00 am sharp and ends at 14:00.
We are anticipating lots of interest so you are advised to register early to secure
your place.

Hope to see you there,

Rubert Van Blerk
Senior Practitioner with the CDRA

NGO Tips

The NGO sector is struggling now more than ever to access funding for their work. It is important to ensure that you meet the basic requirements that donors are asking for. In future, every newsletter, will highlight one of the donor requirements, so that you can work towards obtaining these sets of documents.

Today, we highlight the importance to be compliant in general.

Donors keep looking for documents. Why? It seems like such a bother to send and attach and post these documents when invited to apply for funding. You think, well, I have my registration certificate, and I have my business plan.

So why do I have to show them and send them all these documents?

The level of mismanagement in the NGO sector has started to rear its head, and donors are now more cautious than ever, before parting with their money. They want to ensure that the funding they are giving your organisation is used effectively, wisely, and that every single cent is accounted for. They want to ensure that you are running a sharp organisation and that you are using donor money correctly. They also want to ensure that you have your beneficiaries as your priority, and that inflated salaries are not paid out to staff and management teams.

Actually, they are right. Why should they not check up on the NGO sector? With funds disappearing in so many NGO’s and not reaching the intended beneficiary or programmes and organisations not protecting exactly those they are receiving funds for.

To view the list of documents that is critical in 2018 to access funding, please go to www.ngoadvisor.co.za.

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Have a great April month, and stay safe on the roads and in your homes during the holidays.

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