FAQ Donors

What is NGO-Advisor?

NGO-Advisor, is a website, providing information to the donor. It links the donor with the charity they wish to sponsor. This is the first step to evaluate an NGO before entering into a financial partnership with the charity.  This pre-check is to ensure basic compliance of a charity.

Why do I need NGO-Advisor?

Your charitable monies are too precious to waste on organizations that do not spend your money wisely. NGO-Advisor is not afraid to take a strong stand about the practices of specific charities and provide information that some charities would rather not disclose. NGO-Advisor carefully reviews each charity’s financial records, cross checking information. The picture we provide is often quite different from other sources of charity information that are less stringent, or simply repeat information reported by the charity in its Audited financials, rather than conducting a thorough and independent review. NGO-Advisor provides you with the important knowledge that will help you make funding decisions with greater confidence.

Won’t a charity provide me with all the information I need to make an informed giving decision?

A charity that wants your donation has little incentive to criticize itself. It may choose not to reveal true and unflattering information about itself. Also, the financial information that charities are willing to make easily available to donors is often unclear and incomplete. You need an independent organisation to objectively analyse a charity.  By checking their star rated status, it will give you as a donor an indication how compliant they are.

Why is NGO-Advisor’s information an indispensable tool for informed donors?

NGO-Advisor assigns star grade ratings and provides performance ratings of approximately 100 000 South African NGO’s. These are organized by category.  NGO-Advisor conducts checks of audited financial statements, annual reports, and other data to give you a clear picture of how a charitable organization actually uses its funding. Before you send a donation to a specific charity, you can now consider how well it spends your money on the programs you intend to support.

How can I join NGO-Advisor?

Donor Membership is free.

All 100 000 South African NGO’s are listed for free, BUT to obtain a star rating the NGO pays a R350 per year administration fee.

Who funds NGO-Advisor?

NGO-Advisor is funded by the public— advertisers and sponsors. NGO-Advisor depends on the support of individuals like you for contributions.

Does NGO-Advisor sell, rent, or exchange its members’ names and contact information with other organizations or businesses?

No. NGO-Advisor has and never will sell, rented or exchanged information about its members and has no plans to do so.

How does NGO-Advisor decide which organizations to evaluate and rate?

At NGO-Advisor we focus on quality. The level of analysis we perform as part of our charity evaluations is time-intensive and does limit the number of groups we are able to review., NGO-Advisor aims to rate all willing charities in South Africa.. The current list of organizations rated by NGO-Advisor can be found here.

How often does NGO-Advisor update a charity’s rating and other information?

General information about a charity is updated on NGOAdvisor.co.za annually. This includes changes to a charity’s name, address, web site, phone number, Rating, governance, and salary information for a charity is generally analyzed and updated by NGO-Advisor every fiscal year. For example, forms and documents and audits containing one to two year old financial information are typically the most current documents available. NGO-Advisor obtains these documents directly from charities on a continuous basis as they become available then performs an in-depth analysis.