FAQ Donors

What is NGO-Advisor?

NGO-Advisor, is a marketing platform, providing information of the NGO’s to the donor. It links the donor with the NGO they wish to sponsor. This is the first step to evaluate an NGO before entering into a financial partnership with them.  We encourage NGO’s to sign up and be listed on the Directory, so that they can be found by donors and supporters.  The site provides more details once you click on their name and details.

Why do I need NGO-Advisor?

NGO-Advisor provides you as the donor with a list of NGO’s in South Africa that are willing to show who they are.  They have put their information out there, for you to view them, and to check them.  They are showing willingness to be Transparent to you as a donor.  With this important knowledge, it will help you as a donor to make more informed choices who you donate to.

Why is NGO-Advisor’s information an indispensable tool for informed donors?

NGO-Advisor assigns a  marketing platform and provides information about the NGO sector.  NGO’s can be found by category, or by geographical are.   NGO-Advisor conducts checks on data provided to us by the NGO and lists this information on a basic check list.  More detailed information can be obtained from the NGO directly.   

How can I join NGO-Advisor?

For the Donors, this membership is a free service to you.

All Directory listed NGO’s on this website in South African pay a R350 per annum fee.  This minimal cost covers our administration fees.

Who funds NGO-Advisor?

NGO-Advisor is funded by the public— advertisers and sponsors. NGO-Advisor depends on the support of individuals like you for contributions.

Does NGO-Advisor sell, rent, or exchange its Directory names and contact information with other organizations or businesses?

No. NGO-Advisor has and never will sell, rented or exchanged information about its members and has no plans to do so.

How does NGO-Advisor decide which organizations to evaluate and rate?

NGO-Advisor aims to rate all willing charities who wish to be listed on our directory (South Africa). The current list of organizations listed by NGO-Advisor can be found under “Directory”.

How often does NGO-Advisor update a charity’s rating and other information?

General information about a charity is updated on www.NGOAdvisor.co.za annually. Exceptions are made if there are drastic changes to the contact details or Vision and Mission of the organisation.  This includes changes to a charity’s name, address, web site, phone number,