How can we get a Directory Listing?  (The NGO “yellow pages”)

A membership contribution of R350 per year gives you a one year Directory listing.

How do I know when my NGO-Advisor Membership expires?

Your expiration date will be communicated to you and you will have to provide us with any updated documents you wish to share with donors.

How often does NGO-Advisor update a charity’s rating and other information?

General information about a charity is updated on NGOAdvisor.co.za as we are made aware of any changes. This includes changes to a charity’s name, address, web site, phone number.

How do I request an update of my organization’s rating?

NGO-Advisor typically updates a charity’s rating every fiscal year. We make exceptions and update ratings more frequently when we are aware that an update will result in a significant change. 

Requests should be e-mailed to info@ngoadvisorsa.co.za with “Update Request” in the subject line to help us direct your inquiry to the appropriate staff member. 

How do I view my organization’s information?  

If your charity is  on the Directory Listing you can view it on our website without logging in.