How To Be Noticed By Donors – Transparency & Accountability Of NPO’s In South Africa

NPO’s in SA are struggling to attract donors to fund their important and life-changing projects. In August 2019 there were over 217 000 NPO’s in SA and this figure grows every month. Many thousands of these NPO’s are dependent on donor funding.

Every NPO thinks their project is THE most important and deserves to be noticed and funded. In plenty of cases this is true. So often NPO’s are not noticed or funded, however good their work. 

The question that just about every NPO asks; 

Why is my organisation not being noticed and funded by donors? Why are project proposals unsuccessful?

Perhaps the NPO should rather ask the following questions;

  • What could be done differently to attract donors to research the organisation?
  • How is the organisation marketed to donors?
  • Is the organisation transparent and accountable? 
  • Is the organisation compliant with DSD requirements?
  • Is the organisation compliant regarding governance?

This slide was submitted to the Parliament Portfolio Committee on Social Development on the 22 August 2018.

As can be very clearly seen from these statistics, there are many NPO’s in SA who are not complying with their legal requirement as stated in the Non Profit Organisations Act, 1997 (Act No, 71 of 1977). The non-compliance of so many NPO’s does no favours for the embattled NPO sector in the eyes of national and international donors.

Regardless of how great your project is, and there are many NPO’s doing fantastic work with very little resources, if your organisation does not tick all the donor requirement boxes, your organisation will not be successful in attracting funding.

NGO Advisor can assist you with being noticed by prospective donors. We cannot guarantee funding but we can help your organisation to be compliant and to be noticed by donors.

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