NGO Advisor – Newsletter November 2020

Increase the probability of your non profit organisation being taken seriously by Donors/Foundations/Agencies/CSI

NPO’s in SA are struggling to attract donors to fund their important and life-changing projects. At the end of October 2020 there were 233 865 NPO’s in SA, this figure increases day by day and most of these NPO’s are dependent on donor funding.

Every NPO thinks their project is THE most important and deserves to be noticed and funded. In plenty of cases this is true. So often NPO’s are not noticed or funded, however good their work. Why?

The larger well established Non Profit Organisations find it easier to attract donors because they know what donors expect from them and they comply with the needs of the donor. These organisations generally have a diverse board with many skillsets, they have audited financials, they have various policies in place, an Annual Report, a M & E system, etc. In other words, they are fundraising compliant, they are accountable, transparent and responsible.

NGO Advisor can help your organisation to achieve the status of being fundraising compliant.

Although we can assist NPO’s to become fundraising compliant, so many non-compliant NPO’s don’t see the need to change the status quo. For them it is “business as usual”. Except that it won’t be “business as usual” as donors become ever more vigilant about the NPO’s that they do fund.

The question that just about every NPO asks;

Why is my organisation not being noticed and funded by donors? Why are my submitted project proposals unsuccessful?

  • If the NPO is unsuccessful in securing funding time after time, the NPO should ask themselves the following questions;
    What could be done differently to attract donors to the organisation?
    How is the organisation perceived by donors?
  • Has the organisation ever asked for feedback on this question from funders or prospective funders?
  • Is the organisation transparent and accountable? Does the organisation have the documents donors require? If not, why not?
  • Is the organisation compliant with DSD requirements? Does the organisation submit reports on time?
  • Is the organisation compliant regarding governance? Does the organisation have the checks and balances in place to avoid being non-compliant?
  • Do we actually do what we say we do?
    Regardless of how great your project is, and there are many NPO’s doing fantastic work with very little resources, if your organisation does not tick all the donor requirement boxes, your organisation will not be successful in attracting funding. It really is as simple as that.

NGO Advisor can assist you with being noticed by prospective donors. We cannot guarantee funding but we can help your organisation to be compliant.