NGO Advisor

Certificate Type : Gold Certificate
Sector of operation : Advocacy and Politics
Physical Address : 69 Leadwood Street,Jeffreys Bay,6339
Province : Eastern Cape
50 Word description of Organisation : To provide a service to all NPO’s where they can obtain a star rating according to their submission of information/documents to NGO-Advisor. NPO's show their compliance, transparency and integrity to donors. Donors, can check a NPO’s compliance with regard to information/documentation and star rating. (223-593NPO)
Rating Awarded : 9.5
NPO Registration Number : 223-593NPO
Organisation website :
Number of years in operation : 0
Date of Membership : 2020-02-27
Mission and Vision of Organisation : Vision Statement Inspired by the thousands of NPO’s doing great work in South Africa, NGO-Advisor aims to respond to the needs of the NPO sector, but also the DONOR sector. We aim, in this way, to empower the NPO’s by offering them a platform where their achievements can be viewed by Donors. We also give a much needed service to the Donors, locally and internationally, to locate worthy South African NPO’s. We specifically aim to connect the donor with the NPO. Our goal is to provide opportunities for both parties to find and be found through the website. We regularly reflect on the changing situation of the NPO sector and the DONOR sector and strive to be constantly effective for both the NPO and the DONOR. Values We base our values on providing equal opportunity for all registered NPO’s. Mission To provide an efficient service and information sharing platform to all registered NPO’s and to the international and local Donor Sector.

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Rating Table

Rating Documents Rating Yes/No Rating Awarded
Name, Contact and Address/es 1 1
NPO/NPC/PBO Certificate 0.5 0.5
Most Recent Annual Financial Statement 0.75 0.75
AGM Minutes 0.5 0.5
Board Members Names 0.5 0.5
Constitution 0.5 0.5
Number of Years In Operation 0.5 0.5
Statistical Information 0.5 0.5
BBBEEE Certificate 0.5 0.5
Most Recent Annual Report 0.25 0.25
SARS Registration 0.5 0
CEO/CFO/COO/Accountant or Bookkeeper Names 0.25 0.25
Organogram 0.5 0.5
Basic Business Plan 0.25 0.25
Project Log Frame 0.5 0.5
Mission and Vision 0.5 0.5
Fund-raising/Donor Policy 0.25 0.25
Human Resource Policy 0.25 0.25
Signatories 0.25 0.25
Procurement Policy 0.25 0.25
Petty Cash Policy 0.25 0.25
Child Protection Policy (Only if Beneficiaries Are 0 – 18 Years Old) 0.25 0.25
Proof of Latest AFS / Narrative Report to DSD 0.5 0.5
50 Word Description of Your Organisation 0 0
10/10 9.5/10