Look Forward Creativity Centre

Certificate Type : Gold Certificate
Sector of operation : Children
Physical Address : 4 Messina Street South Hills,Johannesburg,2197
Province : Gauteng
50 Word description of Organisation : We provide housing facilities for children and youth from the age of infancy until the time of careers and work. Each child has their own space, clothes, stationery and toys to call their very own. In a world that has taken much away from these children, we strive to create a sanctuary.
Rating Awarded : 10
NPO Registration Number : 055-512 NPO
Organisation website : WWW.LOOKFORWARD.ORG.ZA
Number of years in operation : 14
Date of Membership : 2021-06-14
Mission and Vision of Organisation : VISION OF THE ORGANISATION Our vision is to impact on the lives of billions of children throughout the world to achieve their own dreams and recognise their own values and skills. MISSION STATEMENT OF LOOK FORWARD CREATIVITY CENTRE Our Mission is to help influence the future development of children in our community and in our county. We seek first to understand why these children are abandoned or orphaned, for understanding them is the key to finding value in them and value is the basis for respect, decisions and action. We seek to learn through our children, for learning is the basis for growth, and growing is the key to loving. This is why we desire to do better for our children and our community.

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Rating Table

Rating Documents Rating Yes/No Rating Awarded
Name, Contact and Address/es 1 1
NPO/NPC/PBO Certificate 0.5 0.5
Most Recent Annual Financial Statement 0.75 0.75
AGM Minutes 0.5 0.5
Board Members Names 0.5 0.5
Constitution 0.5 0.5
Number of Years In Operation 0.5 0.5
Statistical Information 0.5 0.5
BBBEEE Certificate 0.5 0.5
Most Recent Annual Report 0.25 0.25
SARS Registration 0.5 0.5
CEO/CFO/COO/Accountant or Bookkeeper Names 0.25 0.25
Organogram 0.5 0.5
Basic Business Plan 0.25 0.25
Project Log Frame 0.5 0.5
Mission and Vision 0.5 0.5
Fund-raising/Donor Policy 0.25 0.25
Human Resource Policy 0.25 0.25
Signatories 0.25 0.25
Procurement Policy 0.25 0.25
Petty Cash Policy 0.25 0.25
Child Protection Policy (Only if Beneficiaries Are 0 – 18 Years Old) 0.25 0.25
Proof of Latest AFS / Narrative Report to DSD 0.5 0.5
50 Word Description of Your Organisation 0 0
10/10 10/10