A dedicated team of specialists with years of experience in the Development Sector.

Passionate about NPO and Charity Development in South Africa, the team works tirelessly to improve transparency within this sector. The aim is to encourage NPO’s to be compliant and to connect the donors with the NPO’s on this unique marketing platform.

Nelly Burrows

Founder and NGO Analyst​

Nelly, has been in the Development field and specialising in the design of Programmes and Projects for the last 20 years.  Nelly has been a lecturer at various Universities and Colleges, and has worked in the Private Sector prior to entering the Development field.  Nelly has also been involved with the design of training manuals for the Department of Labour, various SETA’s and the Department of Education. 

Nelly has worked with large Donor Agencies, USAid, IYF, PEPFAR, AusAid, Irish Aid, BMZ and the European Union.  She has also worked with many Grant Makers, and Foundations.

Furthermore, Nelly has been a key note speaker at various Local and International Conferences and Training workshops. (Washington, Bonn, Pretoria and Brussels)

Her expertise has raised over R800 Million for various organisations in Africa and Asia, and raised a further R700 Million equivalent in goods and services in-kind.    Understanding the need for compliance to be successful in raising funds and donating funds, is the key to NGO Advisor’s core focus.

Allison Appleton

Founder and NGO Analyst​

Allison has been involved in the development sector for 16 years, and has further expertise in training and development.  Allison has been involved in various trade industries prior to getting involved in the NGO and the Development sector.  Allison is known for her incredible Administration skills and compliance and reporting skills.

Allison has run projects funded by USAid, IYF, EU, Aus Aid and other large donors in Cape Town, and her projects have won 2 Gold awards from the Dept of Social Development.  Furthermore, her projects were short listed with the King Baudain (Luxembourg) award for innovative project design and development.

Allison was also a speaker for Youth Development and Life Skills innovation programme in Stellenbosch, hosted by IYF, and was a key note speaker in Nairobi, funded by USAid.

Hanna van Heerden


Hanna worked in the medical industry for over 25 years, providing excellent services to a group of doctors.  Her exceptional administration and research skills and verifying information for the doctors, now assists NGO Advisor verifying information and researching data for the organisation. 

Hanna entered the NGO sector as a Grant Writer, and has proven herself to be a great asset for NGO Advisor. Her skills compliment NGO Advisor’s tasks on hand.