NGO Advisor scales up.

Good day NGO Advisor followers.

After recent meetings with various Corporate companies, Local and National Government, NGO Advisor has been  embraced!!  NGO Advisor  provides the connecting role for the Non Profit sector and the business/donor sector.  A service we provide to both parties.  A standard fundraising compliance platform, where you as the Non Profit can show off your fundraising star rating to Donors.

Why did we start this service? Many Non Profits have asked us to put them in touch with various donors.  Without any favor to any one particular organisation (as each has an extremely important role to play, and without NGO Advisor being biaised) , we wanted to even out the playing field.  When you are funding compliant, and you have been verified and listed on our website, we send emails to donors and the CSI corporate sector, and tell them about who the Funding compliant Non Profits are!

For those Non Profits who do not have the funds to market themselves on websites, or send out regular newsletters (particular the smaller volunteer based Non Profits) this bigger platform is where they can be found and noticed.  Two of the listed organisations, have already been contacted by different donors, and are in negotiations with the donor.

This is how we wish the Non Profit sector to benefit from this service.  Our slogo See and be seen and “know better, support better, do better” stands true.  Watch this space, as we are now gearing up for scale.  We have an easy to use, online process which has been tried and tested.

The benefits for you as a Non Profit to be listed on this website as a Standard Funding Compliant organisation will soon start to reap the rewards for those listed.

Let us market you to donors and let us help you to be found and sponsored.

Have a great and productive week.

Keep up the good work.

NGO Advisor team

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