What We Do

Volunteering:  A platform that connects people to Causes. 

There you will be able to put up Needs for skilled volunteers, as well as goods and donations.  Forgood will be able to give you the specific help you need.

 For more info email contact@forgood.co.za

This website provides a service to all Donors, Foundations, Corporate and Smaller Companies, and individuals who wish to sponsor a NGO. This site gives a bird’s eye view of all the charities in South Africa who have signed up to be found by you as a donor.

NGO’s/Charities provide us with as many documents that they have.  An Administration fee of R350 per annum is requested,  to cover our administration fees.

Services provided for the Donor:

At a negotiated fee we can provide a personalised site visit  of the chosen NGO prior to your donation.

Send us the checklist you wish us to assess at the NGO, and we will report back to you. (Contact us, and we can negotiate further from here).